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5 Innovative Web Design Tips To Stay Up To The Mark in 2016

  • 5 Innovative Web Design Tips To Stay Up To The Mark in 2016

    5 Innovative Web Design Tips To Stay Up To The Mark in 2016

    In an ever-evolving world of web designing, there’s a lot more than just having the necessary technical skills. To make your site a success in 2016, the key element is to keep up-to-date with the latest web design tips from the online world of publishing and beyond.

    Even if you’re a maverick kind of person who walks on his own way rather than following the group, keeping abreast of the latest web design trends and tips has it’s own benefits. It makes it easier for a designer to understand the needs of the clients while discussing their vision for a project and emulate something your clients haven’t seen elsewhere.

    Being a designer, if you wish to be original; you need to be aware of what’s popular now and create something that’s all your own rather than following those trending design tips and styles.

    This article is going to offer you a power packed punch of web designing tips which will help you deliver your projects with the emerging design trends and styles. Keep in these web designing hacks in your arsenal when you get down to work.

    Whether it’s for you or Web Designing Services for your clients, when it comes to designing a website, success doesn’t come your way so easily. To keep your site looking fresh and modern, boosting its productivity, optimizing for search engines and conversion rates, it’s very essential that you remain in a loop of learning as many new techniques as possible.

    Let’s discuss a few web design tips that’ll definitely help you achieve success in 2016:

    Using Style Guides

    Style Guides are a popular choice in today’s online publishing world. These guides can be in the form of large documents that media follows to maintain uniform styles throughout the content or the web design books. These guides include almost everything from how the numbers are written and how the states and countries are labeled.

    Using Style Guides

    Web designers can create their own style guides to make sure that their sites have uniform styles throughout. A well-written style guide is especially helpful to the designers and the freelancers who collaborate with them.

    The style guide produced by Google for the Material design is the best example of a thorough, well-versed style guide. There are various style guides and designing resources online which you can check out and apply to your work.

    Use Larger Font Sizes

    Although not a new trend, big typography is still in trend. It grabs user’s attention and places focus on your content and that’s the reason it’s a great practice to follow in 2016. Features like nice readability on smaller devices and screens, fits in nicely in the flat design trends play a huge role in its rising popularity.

    One important tip for web designing in 2016 is try to incorporate bigger font sizes for the text you include in header images or at the home page when using a large, hero image. Just ensure to choose a web-friendly typeface which scales well, rather than harrowing about which size is the best.

    Generate More Space

    Cluttering your site’s space can distract the readers and make your site look complicated. However, you should always try to create more space on the web pages rather than including more elements on any web page. This not only helps users to focus on what’s important, it also gives you an opportunity to build good-looking designs.

    This space is known as ‘white space’ or ‘negative space’, though the space doesn’t always need to be white if you’re using large images on headers and homepage of your websites.

    The bottomline is that minimize the amount of clutter in your web designs and create more white space between and around various elements on your site to help guide your readers through the site.

    Responsive Design Is Mandatory

    Usage of mobile devices for accessing websites is on constant growth. This means that it’s never been less important to make sure that your sites are mobile-friendly(responsive).

    4. Responsive Design Is Mandatory

    So, one of the key web design tips in 2016 will be to fully commit to responsive design and embrace the concept of mobile-first web design.

    In the past, responsive design simply meant checking responsive design box on your checklist, but as the technology matures, there’s a need to start considering more than just fluid layouts.

    Simplified Navigation

    Placing thousands of links in the navigation menu, blog posts, sidebar or on the home page may seem a great way to keep people stay on your site for long, but it can actually go the other way.

    Complicated site navigation may lead users to leave your site and placing fewer and useful items on your navigation menus and eliminating the sidebars are a great way to cut down the things cluttering your site. This allows you to build crystal-clear designs without compromising good user experiences and conversion rate optimization.

    Final Thoughts On Web Design Tips For 2016

    No matter how experienced you are, learning and picking up new web design tips and techniques continually; is the most important factor for taking your sites to the next level.

    Hopefully, these tips have given you new ideas to think about and take you in the right direction for more learning and experiments. Which web design techniques will you be embracing in 2016? Please share with us in the comments below.

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